SafferyLove is about two world class professional athletes who initially came together because of their common love for the sport squash. These ladies are always looking for different ways of keeping their bodies in the best possible shape and when they came across Kombucha a new world opened up for them. Kombucha changed the way they felt and how they looked at nutrition. Now their focus is sharing this wonderful drink to help others.



Deon Saffery has been the dominant force in Welsh Squash for many years, especially representing Wales at the Commonwealth Games and World Championships. She is known for her fearlessness when it comes to new adventures and challenges, which is exactly what starting SafferyLove Kombucha is.


Nicolette Fernandes is the most successful female athlete ever to come out of a little known country that is Guyana. Her country may be small in size but it is extremely large with its flavours and tastes, which is one of the reasons she is excited to bring her love to SafferyLove.



This super drink is the most powerful, all natural and versatile probiotic drink out there. Not to mention it tastes amazing. It isn’t a new kid on the block either, kombucha can be traced as far back as two thousand years and we are still talking about the amazing benefits and how much it helps people everyday. Did we mention it tastes delicious too!


Day 1: We take our delicately selected Green Tea and mix it with 100% raw cane sugar to create a sweetened tea. Once brewed and cooled to room temperature its time to add the star of the show…. our mother Scoby (symbolic colony of bacteria and yeast) and some original starter liquid. Our Jar’s are covered with breathable cloth and secured with an elastic band to keep all booch lovers out! Each Jar of Booch is left in a dark, temperature controlled room for 7-10 days for the fermentation show to do its thing.

Day 7: We now have Kombucha! Its time to add our individually crafted flavors. Remove the slimey but beautiful scoby and 1 litre of the Kombucha from the jar. Our delicious fresh fruit, herbs and spices are then added and left for a second ferment for 2-4 days.

Day 11: Boom it’s Booch day. After taking out the soggy fruit mixture and draining it through a sieve we are left with a beautiful clear and bright SafferyLove Kombucha. Now time to bottle and share the love!